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Stand up comedy for a hometown crowd?
Badminton in Bosnia?
If it makes a good story and involves good people, I’m in.

Small Business Boss Lady

kI’m the CEO and I clean the toilet.  Kidding… kind of! 
With an online marketing company, ecommerce store, and coworking spaces in two states, I’m busy but I like it.


Multi-Day Olympic theme-d party? 
Workshop for 50 attendees? 
From business to pleasure, I am ready to throw down, entertainment-wise.

Writing Life, Online

One time, I was a paid advice columnist. I’ve done NaNoWriMo. I have a blog with over 1500 entries. My favorite part of my life is that I get to write, everyday.

So, what do you want to do?

Do you want me to give you an itinerary for your Bar Harbor Maine vacation?
Want to speak French together? 
Should we work on a project?
Would our short dogs like each other?

We’ve got lots of possibilities here, folks. Let’s chat.

Nicole is constantly driving between New York and Maine. If you need something transported, she can help you out.

Check out Nicole’s free Google Analytics course about how to find and use your website stats!

“I feel like I’ve been riding a tricycle for years with my marketing… and Nicole just gave me a motorcycle lessons.”

– Anne of Nervous Nellies


Fort Kent, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine
Potsdam, New York
Places Unknown


(207) 812-0285
lasouriante at gmail dot com

Not Into

Having an MLM Business

Running your AirBnB 

Being guilted into animal adoption